This client requested a logo for their cycling lifestyle brand, WWGT, an acronym for We Will Get There. The mark needed to be bold, resolute, and decipherable at the scale of a bicycle sticker. The client also preferred a pictogram which could be leveraged separately from the wordmark.

For the pictogram, I created a mark the client has dubbed the “pin-bolt”. This symbol merges iconography for a map pin, connoting the brand’s focus on destinations, achievements and goals, with that of a hexagonal bolt, which speaks to the client’s technical proclivity. I paired the pin-bolt with a thick, angular font by the name of Rally Regular.

For the main version of the logo, the pin-bolt is a robust red and the wordmark white or charcoal. I produced alternate versions of the logo to reflect the color schemes of each of the client’s bicycles. Despite the playful treatment, the logo remains steadfastly recognizable.

Red and white logo
Red and charcoal logo
Alternate logo color variations